Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Scooping Method For Swimming

Young Boy Swimming

On a recent visit to my pool, I saw a grandmother coach her small grandson. She performed a basic freestyle stroke with her arms while standing  in the pool while she kept saying "scoop, scoop." I commented to her that I liked what she was doing. "It is very good for boys," she said. "Because they perform the same movement when they play in the sandbox."
Sounds like it might be good for girls too.

Read Cork & Fuzz: the Swimming Lesson by Dori Chaconas. This easy-reader level 3 title shows what happens when Cork, a muskrat, teaches his friend, Fuzz, a possum, how to swim.

Here's a sample  as it appears on page 28: "Fuzz!" Cork yelled again. "Paddle!" Fuzz paddled. "Kick!" Cork yelled. Fuzz kicked. Paddle! Kick! Paddle! Kick!

The context of this passage is that Fuzz accidentally fell into the water and  is afraid of it. Parents of children who are afraid of water could use this passage as a discussion point.

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