Sunday, July 22, 2012

My adventures with Nellie Cashman

I just had an adventure with Nellie Cashman without leaving home. Nellie has a chapter in Women Explorers by Julie Cummins.  Nellie's  explorations
took her from Ireland to Boston and out to the American West. She worked as a cook in Nevada while she learned how to prospect for gold. Then she went to the Canadian North and staked a claim there. When she heard that men in a mining camp were starving, she and some fellow prospectors
went to their rescue. Nellie nursed the sick men back to health.  Next she  moved to Tombstone, Arizona and opened a restaurant. Although the book says Nellie Cashman's Restaurant is still open, it closed a couple of years ago. Cafe Margarita is at that site now.

 This book has chapters on other women explorers readers will enjoy learning about.
Nonfiction Monday


  1. What an adventurer! Thanks for participating in Nofiction Monday!

  2. Yes, she does sound like an interesting person. Thanks for sharing this book.

  3. I love books about adventurous women with that can - do spirit. Thanks for sharing this!