Monday, September 9, 2013

Different ways of looking at Albert Einstein

Children's biographies can present new ways of looking at famous people, in this case, the scientist Albert Einstein. For example, ON A BEAM OF LIGHT : A STORY OF ALBERT EINSTEIN by Jennifer Berne, Albert doesn't talk for the first two years of his life. "He just looked around with his big curious eyes.Looked and wondered. Looked and wondered." Then be began asking  many questions because there were mysteries in the world and he wanted to  understand them. This picture book biography gives the reader a senses of his personality.

For more facts about Albert, one can check ALBERT EINSTEIN, BRILLIANT SCIENTIST by Amanda Doering Tourville. This is a beginner biography is  32 pages and is equipped with FUN FACTS (example: "Einstein failed a physics class in college. This was partly because he did not show up for class."); TIMELINE, GLOSSARY, INDEX, and TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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  1. What a great cover this book has. Thanks for introducing it.