Sunday, March 4, 2012

Black Hawk's War

Chief Black Hawk, a leader of the Sauk people, fought to prevent his people from confinement to a reservation. His efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. This week's curriculum tie in is Black Hawk's War by Georgene Poulakidas. Here is a sample: Black Hawk and his followers chose to stay at the Sauk village, Saukenuk, in Illinois."

This book is a good source for a discussion of primary source materials: books and materials written at the time of an event.  Here are some suggested activities:
1. A discussion of a passage from Chief Black Hawk's autobiography. How did the Sauk people live?
2.  Here are two different portraits of Chief Black Hawk:  an image in tribal dress and in western dress.
     Compare the two.


  1. Very interesting! I know nothing about the Sauk people, will look it up now.

  2. I truly enjoy the history and culture of the Native people. This looks very interesting.