Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Arctic Wolf

 Before we say good-bye to winter, here's one last visit with an animal who lives in a very cold climate.
The Arctic Wolf: The High Arctic by Laura DeLallo introduces you to two biologists: Dean Cluff and Dave Mech who study arctic wolves on Ellesmere Island in Canada. This 32 page picturebook is good for grades 3-6. Here's a sample from the book: "...the arctic wolves that Dave and Dean study live so far north that they don't see people often enough to be afraid of them." This book gives information about how the wolves adapt to the cold and how they raise their families.

Other books in this series: Built for Cold: Arctic Animals include: Caribou And Reindeer, Too and Walrus: Tusk, Tusk. For more information visit Bearport Press.

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